Storage racks

Mobile platform for shelves

The transport platform mounted between the racks is an irreplaceable tool in the effective organization of storage space. Its use allows access to the upper floors of the racks, which translates into more efficient loading, unloading and storage of goods. The benefits of using a transport platform in a racking system are numerous. First of all, this platform increases logistical efficiency, enabling the optimal use of available space and saving time and effort when moving goods on different levels of racks. A good transport platform for racks should be solidly made of durable materials such as steel to ensure safety and durability.

It should have adequate load-bearing capacity and a stable structure, as well as be equipped with elements facilitating the loading and unloading of goods. It is worth noting that the transport platform can be adapted to various types of racks, such as pallet racks, shelf racks or spatial racks. Its versatility makes it used in many industries, such as warehousing, logistics, distribution, as well as in industrial sectors, including manufacturing, food and pharmaceutical industries. Thanks to the transport platform fixed between the racks, you gain the ability to effectively manage your warehouse space, maximizing the potential of your racking system.